Welcome to East-West Massage and Whole Health

Welcome to East-West Massage and Whole Health

Welcome to East-West Massage and Whole HealthWelcome to East-West Massage and Whole HealthWelcome to East-West Massage and Whole Health

“Aims to relieve chronic pain by integrating eastern theories with fundamental western medicine and client education.”

About Me


Healthy Well-Being

I have always felt that prescription medication is frequently over prescribed for pain treatment or people just don't want to use the highly addictive drugs to manage their pain.  There are other options that not only help with musculo-skeletal pain, but also help correct the issues that are causing the pain. Manual muscle work, or massage therapy, has been used since the age of Hippocrates and is not just great for treating musculoskeletal issues, but preventing them as well. 



Therapist Who Cares


In the past, I have volunteered at the Extreme Home Makeover site in Manchester, NH.  It was a great experience being able to help the volunteers relieve some of the tight muscles and headaches caused by the tension associated with working hard and continuously for days.  I also travel throughout New England and work backstage for different events.  Some tours that I have worked are The Blue Man Group, American Idol Tour, Seal, Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, KC and the Sunshine Band, Mudvayne, and TSO.


 In 2009, I received the Derry/Londonderry Young Careerist  Award and was runner up at the state competition.  I also appreciated being nominated for NH’s 40 Under 40 competition.  In 2014 I was awarded the Schaeffer Memorial Scholarship Award from a Foundation for Enhancing Communities.


I enjoy donating to charitable events and fundraisers.  I support the Upper Room, the YWCA Women’s Crisis Center, the Derry Senior Center, the Derry Rotary, BPW, and the MPWA Scholarship Fund. Please feel free to contact me for fundraising requests.


Experienced Knowledge

My education began at the University of Kansas on a physical therapy route.  After I completed my education, I was led into Athletic Training and Sports Medicine.   While treating an athlete with a contracted neck muscle, I was advised to “go to massage school” because, "everyone wants massage done and we don’t have enough time to massage everyone". I didn’t believe in masking pain with prescription medication because the pain is a sign of a problem.  So I enrolled in massage school, but not until after I had completed my Master’s degree in the School of Education studying Sports Administration and the Psychological Effects of Injury.

     It was during this period that I sought out a massage school that encompassed all of the areas I was interested in.  I found the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health located in Manchester, NH and attended September 2005-November 2006.  It was there that I met Dr. Beckley in my Anatomy and Physiology class.  Our philosophies were similar and I was fortunate enough for him to invite me to open my business out of his office, Beckley Family Chiropractic.  Seasons Natural Healthcare is also located in our location allowing for chiropractic, massage and naturopathic medicine to be found in one location.


Therapeutic Massage- A Multidisciplinary Approach

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body. This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of time. 


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a manipulative treatment that attempts to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Connective tissues called fascia surround the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. Points of restriction in the fascia can place a great deal of pressure on nerves and muscles causing chronic pain.

Practitioners of myofascial release employ long stretching strokes meant to balance tissue and muscle mechanics and improve joint range of motion in order to relieve pain.



Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle.  These areas of strain are called tender or trigger points and are the cause of muscular pain symptoms.

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Fee Schedule

Prices shown reflect a time of service discount. At this time, insurance may be billed only for personal injury or worker’s compensation cases. If you have a health savings account, your HSA card may be approved for this medical massage. The rates are set to be comparable to those who are considered “equals” in the profession. If you are in need of financial considerations, please ask about a sliding scale fee schedule. In these economic times everyone needs help to stay healthy. Please ask about giving massage therapy as a gift. It is possible to give amounts toward a massage if not interested in gifting a whole session. Gratuities are not required, but always appreciated. Please state whether you would like to include one in your gift and it will be noted. Personal checks may be made out to East-West Massage or Deidre L. Cleveland Visa, Mastercard, Discover accepted, but not preferred Bank of America Instant transfer to 603-674-2486 accepted



"After following orders from my primary care physician and physical therapist for chronic knee pain, I still had no improvement. I took a friend’s suggestion and tried massage therapy. Within 6 weeks I was walking normal again and within a year I can get out of bed, I’m not stiff, the joints are moving better and when I do something stupid like play rough with the dog she can fix it. And..it cost me the same amount to see her once a week as it did to do PT twice a week.   I recommend people to Deidre at East West Message because she fixes necks, backs, shoulders, knees and arms that physical therapy hasn’t. If you want to move better and not feel like you are 100 years old in the morning – you should contact Deidre today." -Sheila McNally

"I cannot say enough about Deidre and East West Massage!  I originally came to her when I was hurt in an auto accident, and having never gotten any type of massage before, I didn’t know what to expect.  It was the most amazing experience I had regardless of why I was there.  She is so well educated and experienced, and answered any questions I had. I felt as if I knew a little bit about pressure points when I left there.  I have since moved out of state, but make no mistake that I see her EVERY time I return for a visit!  Simply amazing!"-Margaret Botjer

“Deidre is a tremendous Massage Therapist.  She customizes treatment to suit your needs.  My husband and I both benefited greatly from her care.  She is strong enough to get to the deep tissues, but does not cause pain.  She has the skill and education necessary to treat your stress and fatigue problems.”  -Diane Myers

“East-West Massage and Whole Health, with therapist Deidre Cleveland, was truly far above any massage that I have ever experienced.  Due to the arthritis in my feet and legs, this massage relieved the stress.  I felt like I had new legs.  The pain of walking was gone and relaxation was all the body received.  I would recommend Deidre, with the magical touch to relieve your pain and stress.”  -Barbara Beliveau

“Deidre was very polite and wanted to know everything about my physical being before even touching me.  I have never had a massage therapist that “wanted” to know as opposed to “needing” to know.  Not only did she make me feel better and relaxed, she made me laugh, too.  The treatment was very effective in relieving very stressful and tense areas in my lower back.  I think it does a massage profession a disservice when there is too much music, scent, and conversation.  Just make me feel better!  My only regret is that I have not had the time to get to Deidre more often.”  -Dawn Brantmuller

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Please email me and I will make sure your opinion is heard.  Thanks! -Deidre

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I was a "massage slave" as a child. My mother made my bed time very early and told me I could only stay up to watch my favorite shows as long as my fingers were moving. I could always feel where people hurt, but thought everyone could do it.