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"After following orders from my primary care physician and physical therapist for chronic knee pain, I still had no improvement. I took a friend’s suggestion and tried massage therapy. Within 6 weeks I was walking normal again and within a year I can get out of bed, I’m not stiff, the joints are moving better and when I do something stupid like play rough with the dog she can fix it. cost me the same amount to see her once a week as it did to do PT twice a week.   I recommend people to Deidre at East West Message because she fixes necks, backs, shoulders, knees and arms that physical therapy hasn’t. If you want to move better and not feel like you are 100 years old in the morning – you should contact Deidre today." -Sheila McNally

"I cannot say enough about Deidre and East West Massage!  I originally came to her when I was hurt in an auto accident, and having never gotten any type of massage before, I didn’t know what to expect.  It was the most amazing experience I had regardless of why I was there.  She is so well educated and experienced, and answered any questions I had. I felt as if I knew a little bit about pressure points when I left there.  I have since moved out of state, but make no mistake that I see her EVERY time I return for a visit!  Simply amazing!"-Margaret Botjer

“Deidre is a tremendous Massage Therapist.  She customizes treatment to suit your needs.  My husband and I both benefited greatly from her care.  She is strong enough to get to the deep tissues, but does not cause pain.  She has the skill and education necessary to treat your stress and fatigue problems.”  -Diane Myers

“East-West Massage and Whole Health, with therapist Deidre Cleveland, was truly far above any massage that I have ever experienced.  Due to the arthritis in my feet and legs, this massage relieved the stress.  I felt like I had new legs.  The pain of walking was gone and relaxation was all the body received.  I would recommend Deidre, with the magical touch to relieve your pain and stress.”  -Barbara Beliveau

“Deidre was very polite and wanted to know everything about my physical being before even touching me.  I have never had a massage therapist that “wanted” to know as opposed to “needing” to know.  Not only did she make me feel better and relaxed, she made me laugh, too.  The treatment was very effective in relieving very stressful and tense areas in my lower back.  I think it does a massage profession a disservice when there is too much music, scent, and conversation.  Just make me feel better!  My only regret is that I have not had the time to get to Deidre more often.”  -Dawn Brantmuller

Do you have any comments you wish to share?  Please email me and I will make sure your opinion is heard.  Thanks! -Deidre

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